PictArray breakable slide A sixteen-well plastic slide with eight detachable two-well modules each containing 25 test spots allows easy and simultaneous testing of sixteen patient samples. The slide design offers the flexibility to test one sample manually enabling small, remote testing centres to benefit from PictArrays as much as sophisticated large laboratories which can automate sample processing using a frame designed to hold four slides that fit into ELISA processors.

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Extractable Nuclear Antigen (ENA) ELISA kit

PictArray RAAutoimmune connective tissue disorders (ACTD) represent a diverse collection of diseases in terms of their primary clinical manifestations. The commonality between them is the damage to tissues and organs resulting from production of auto-antibodies against tissue antigens.

PictArray ENA Panel


PictArray RA ToRCH describes a group of clinically similar congenital infections caused by Toxoplasma gondii, Rubella, CMV and HSV1 and 2. Infections with one of these pathogens during pregnancy can have devastating consequences in the infant. Pregnant women in developing countries are commonly tested for antibodies to ToRCH antigens during the first two trimesters of pregnancy.

PictArray ToRCH Panel

Pictorial Image Analysis

Pictorial Image Analysis