PICTOR LIMITED, a New Zealand-based company, began operations in 2006 with a mission to provide a complete immunodiagnostic solution that can be deployed globally, especially in those regions with the highest disease burden. This technology fulfils the increasing need for simple and cost-effective diagnostic tests that can be used to combat some of the most prevalent and rising diseases in the world.

Pictor has developed PictArrays™, a proprietary immunodiagnostic technology that enables simple and reliable testing of blood for a number of diseases. Eight tests can be simultaneously performed with a small sample of blood. PictImager™, a low-cost reader and Pictorial© data analysis software have been specially developed to rapidly obtain test results.

PictArrays can readily integrate into existing diagnostic testing infrastructure ranging in sophistication from small, rural health care centers performing manual tests to large, highly automated reference laboratories processing several hundred samples each day. This is enabled by a specially designed slide with eight detachable 2-well modules which allow standard laboratory tools to be used for testing samples. The low entry costs and easy implementation with minimum technical training make Pictor’s diagnostic tests accessible to a wide global market.